Mo Calc “clone” detected

I was checking up on Mo Calc over at Windows Phone 7 marketplace today and I came across an interesting finance app.

It’s called Loanster. Check out these screenshots below:

Loanster - cheap Mo Calc clone Loanster - cheap Mo Calc clone Loanster - cheap Mo Calc clone Loanster - cheap Mo Calc clone

Despite drawing inspiration from Mo Calc, I am assured that Loanster is a completly legit and independently written app. Its author Tony was nice enough and agreed to tweak the UI in the next version in order to differentiate Loanster from Mo Calc a bit more.

First Silverlight 3 app

Despite my earlier blog post, I decided to take part in the “sexiest” mortgage calculator contest after all. It seemed like a perfect excuse to give Silverlight 3 a try. The end result may not be the sexiest (I’m a developer, not a designer), but I think it’s fairly functional. Actually, I wish I had a tool like that when I was shopping for mortgages. I had a lot of fun writing this app, and I learned a lot.

Mortgage Calculator Check it out!

EDIT: Nice – I just stumbled upon a website of Rene de Paula jr that mentions my calculator (translation from Portuguese). News travel fast on the internets =)

Update: The results are in and while I did not win, I had a lot of fun learning Silverlight 3. Here are the submissions that won. Pretty cool, I must admit. They all tend to use standard JavaScript, Google Charts and Flash. I may revise my calculator and use some of their ideas.

Congrats to the winners!