Pride apps

These apps are like bumper stickers for your Windows Phone. Just pin them to the start screen and use those giant squares to showcase your beliefs, national heritage pride, and to show support. Once pinned, the apps display a large icon with a flag. They also show different quotes and images when running. You can type your own quotes, too. They support landscape and portrait orientations.

Click on a flag to download a pride app.

American Pride Brasilian Pride Canadian Pride Chinese Pride German Pride Israeli PridePalestinian Pride Polish Pride Russian Pride Singapore Pride

Fun facts

I wrote these “pride apps” as a social experiment. I was curious whether people would actually buy them to show their beliefs – especially in the context of the middle eastern conflict. Turns out that Windows Phone users would rather spend their cash on something more useful. Well, it was still fun, plus Microsoft refunded my sign-up fee for publishing 10 apps 😉

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