Flipm – Flickr Privacy Manager

Flipm stands for Flickr Privacy Manager. It’s a cute Silverlight app that simplifies photo permission management in Flickr. It links to your Flickr account, shows thumbnails of your photos and visually indicates their privacy settings. You can change photo privacy with one click!

Flipm screenshot

I created Flipm because I felt that Flickr’s Organizr does not adequatly show photo privacy levels. There also wasn’t really a convenient way of setting photo permissions.
Please remember that this is a learning experience for me (I wanted to try a new technology and fiddled around with Microsoft Silverlight). So if you find any bugs, glitches or have any comments or suggestions – just drop me a line or leave a comment in one of the Flipm blog posts.

Run Flipm!

Give Flipm a try! Click here to run it!

See more screenshots

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