USB Pet Rock

For my birthday my parents got me a USB rock. My dad made it himself. It’s the greatest thing! I took it to work, connected it to the USB port on the side of my monitor, and let me tell you – it’s causing quite a stir. People stop by my cube and are asking questions about it. Here are some of my stories explaining what the rock does:

  • It’s charging.
  • It glows in the dark at night. You need to come after hours to see it. I tested it at home.
  • It grows hair.
  • It’s a new air purifier with natural ions. Just smell the air!
  • It releases moisture. It’s a natural humidifier. It creates condensation on the outside via gyroscope in the middle. Then the water evaporates.
  • It cools down the air. It’s a small AC unit. I bought it online. The website said it counterbalances the heat released by the PCs. I paid 50 bucks for it.
  • It’s part of a USB rock-paper-scissor kit.
  • It hums. Seriously, try it. Just put your ear to it.
  • It makes ocean wave sounds. Try it.
  • It’s for my back pain. Doris got it for me as part of the ergonomnics set. It releases magnetic waves. It really helps!
  • It relieves joint pain. Try holding it. The doctor said I should hold it for at least 30 seconds after heavy typing.
  • It’s an electronic paper weight. It attracts paper on molecular level.
  • It emits magnetic waves that help you relax. It really helps.
  • Well, it’s charging now. Once it’s fully charged, it rolls. Oh! Did you see it! Man, you just missed it! It’s really fast!
Might USB Pet Rock

Mobile project, cont.

Something I just thought of for my new mobile project:

I also want to reuse as much code as I can between the WP7 and Android solutions. The code sharing part is what in my opinion will be most complicated. It seems like the two “camps” couldn’t be further apart, and that there are no common tools available. It would be great if there was something like MonoTouch but for Android (MonoDroid, are you here yet?) so that I can code in C#…

Hopefully, with Brad Abrams working for Google, we will see a more .NET friendly Android. Time will tell. In the meantime, I need to figure something out.

Mobile project

Long time, no blog. My life has been pretty busy, which is why I’ve been neglecting the blog. It’s easier to just send a few tweets to share my thoughts. Tonight I have a few spare moments, so I decided to write.

In the past few weeks I attended many local coding events. Last Saturday was the Chicago Code Camp, then Silverlight design training with Adam Kinney on Friday, and the Chicago Android workshop yesterday. Needles to say, I feel overwhelmed by all the cool technologies out there. I wish I had the time to learn them all. I am especially thorn between the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Android.
I really like the .NET Framework and the flexibility of Silverlight (for once Microsoft did a good job designing something), but I also like the openness and possibilities that come with the Android platform. Plus my phone runs Android, so it would be cool to know how to program for it.

I am thinking of doing a small app that would let me explore the two platforms a little bit more. I want to start with something simple, just to get my feet wet, before I move to something more ambitious. For my first app the plan is to explore transitions between screens and different list layouts. I will be sharing my experiences on this blog. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave me a line.