Hello (and goodbye) Tumblr, WordPress it is

After years of using, I decided I’m tired of hosting my own content and dealing with the lack of themes.

There were many contenders for replacement, but ultimately I settled on Tumblr. It’s easy, let’s me use custom domain name for free and, ever since it got acquired by Yahoo, it seems fast enough.

The only downside was importing content. I was very surprised it does not support BlogML! That’s just crazy. I had to hand code a simple importer in Python. Not a big deal, but still… Unfortunately all my permalinks are gone 🙁 Not the end of the world, since I don’t have that much content.

I guess we will see how it goes. I can always switch to something that gives me more flexibility.

Edit: And so it happened. I didn’t really like the way editing of posts happens on Tumblr, especially that it’s difficult to insert images into text posts. So I decided to switch to WordPress. Still didn’t bother with the permalinks (someday I will remap them), but I’m quite happy for now.