Mo Calc 1.2 released

I finally had some time to release a much-needed update to my free mortgage calculator for Window Phone 7. Mo Calc 1.2 sports a new payment summary page with pie charts to better visualize payments structure.

I also revamped the comparison page. I decided to hide the detailed numbers and only display the monthly and total payments, in order to fit more items on the screen. The details are still available – just click “show details” to expand them.

Mortgage payment charts Side-by-side mortgage comparison New About page

I felt that the amortization table was pretty useless in the previous version. Who wants to scroll through 360 months of rows to see just a bunch of numbers? My plan is to gradually start improving it and making it more user-friendly. Version 1.2 has a “quick jump” capability (alike the people hub in Windows Phone 7) allowing quick hop to a designated year. Click on the year header to activate it.

Amortization table Quickly jump to amortization years Splash screen image

There were also other miscellaneous improvements that made it to this version. Here is the list:

Version 1.2

  • Improved payment summary page
  • Added pie charts
  • Improved amortization table
  • Using large numeric keyboard for number input
  • Added collapsible details for mortgage comparisons
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
  • New icon and splash screen
  • New About page
Update: Looks like I made a simple “copy and paste” error and both charts are the same. Thank you TheManOfSteel27 for pointing that out. I already submitted an update to the Marketplace. Now just waiting for Microsoft to approve it.