Fun Snowflakes

Another weekend, another project. My parents asked me for help getting their website up and running. They finally decided to share our tradition of making paper snowflake cut-outs with the world. It was a neat little project.

My sister digitized all snowflake patterns in SVG format using Inkscape. I wrote a simple script that “stitches” pages together and outputs PDFs. Pretty soon we created several awesome-looking eBooks. Then it was just a matter of putting together a website with a simple store. I used ASP.NET MVC along with a cloud-based eCommerce basket called Cashie. It was super easy – basically a copy-and-paste of a few HTML lines. Cashie still needs to add some features (for example, there is still no way to know that the purchase has been completed), but overall it was a good experience.


But enough about technology. Let’s talk about snowflakes. Making cut-outs is really a great passtime, especially for those cold winter evenings. It’s also easy to get the kids involved. Snowflakes make neat holiday decorations and gifts.

Try it yourself – Visit and download a free sample.