Mobile project

Long time, no blog. My life has been pretty busy, which is why I’ve been neglecting the blog. It’s easier to just send a few tweets to share my thoughts. Tonight I have a few spare moments, so I decided to write.

In the past few weeks I attended many local coding events. Last Saturday was the Chicago Code Camp, then Silverlight design training with Adam Kinney on Friday, and the Chicago Android workshop yesterday. Needles to say, I feel overwhelmed by all the cool technologies out there. I wish I had the time to learn them all. I am especially thorn between the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Android. I really like the .NET Framework and the flexibility of Silverlight (for once Microsoft did a good job designing something), but I also like the openness and possibilities that come with the Android platform. Plus my phone runs Android, so it would be cool to know how to program for it.

I am thinking of doing a small app that would let me explore the two platforms a little bit more. I want to start with something simple, just to get my feet wet, before I move to something more ambitious. For my first app the plan is to explore transitions between screens and different list layouts. I will be sharing my experiences on this blog. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave me a line.