EuroTrip Travel Wisdoms

  1. Your dollar isn’t worth a nickel in Europe anymore.
  2. When the rental company offers you a free upgrade to a larger, “better” car – don’t do it. You will spend a fortune on gas.
  3. Switzerland has different plugs than the surrounding countries; so does Italy, but at least you can fit standard euro plugs into Italian outlets.
  4. In Europe “double room” room means room for two people, and not room with two beds. If you go by US customs (paying per room and not per person), the hotel will think you are trying to cheat them.
  5. If you had argued with the hotel owner, and accidently left something in the room, don’t expect to get it back.
  6. The Swiss have a huge inferiority complex.
  7. Don’t trust MapPoint directions – they will route you through mountain hiking trails.
  8. Don’t leave fresh alpine cheese in a plastic bag in a hot hotel room.
  9. Most European hotels don’t have 24h reception.
  10. When driving in Rome: there is no concept of lanes. Scooters always think they have the right of way.
  11. Even though the stamps in Europe are old school, you don’t have to lick. They have sponges for that. Just don’t go overboard.
  12. When arriving in small village hotel, make sure you are at the right address before you unpack =)
  13. When going to a small alpine village, don’t trust the GPS – be sure to know the hotel name.
  14. Not everyone accepts credit cards (especially not B&Bs). Make sure to have cash.