New Mower

My old lawn mower has something wrong with the engine – it smokes a lot and comes to a rapid halt once it gets hot. Obviously that’s not very usable. To finally cut my jungle of a yard I decided to get a new one. Rather than shelling out $300 for a brand new mower, I turned to craigslist. As always, it worked. I found one I liked, the price was right, so I got it. I just wish the seller had more faith in people – he actually made me go to an ATM since he would not accept personal check. Old people…

Anyway, the mower works great! It has a bag so I don’t have to rake. And it’s really quiet, too. Already did the lawn, looking forward to next time =)

Edit:The mower was $90. I decided not to try to talk the seller down; it seemed like he really needed the money.